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Iwata Airfed 2020 Full Face Mask Kit

£270.00 Incl VAT


Iwata Airfed 2020 Full Face Mask Kit

The new Iwata 2020 Full Face Air Fed Mask which sets the standard for air breathing protection.

  • The mask has a wide vision visor, this is ideal for people who wear glasses.  A number of other masks on the market have a narrow vision, the wide vision on the Iwata Air Fed Mask makes it one of the best in its class.
  • The Iwata full face mask also has an upwards air flow which means less irritation to the eyes when used for long periods of time.  This means that the mask is ideal for all industries
  • The head set is easy to adjust with a floating headband ratchet
  • The belt unit has a new whistle warning that meets the new EN standards
  • Lower noise levels in the head set

With the new audible warning you can easily know if there is a problem with your air supply and when to get out of the spray booth.


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