Sagola Pack 6000X

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REDUCTION of drying times
BETTER stretching of clearcoats
SAFE and regular work all the year around
Self-learning function
Overheating protection
Automatic activation by flow switch
Low temperature, there is no need for gloves

In the new PACK 6000X AIR HEATER compact design, innovation, electronic high technology and ease of use come together and assure the temperature stability both in the compressed air and the final painting elements such as hose and spray gun.

- Stable painting process in areas with large temperature changes between day and night, winter and summer.

- Constant working temperature.

- Compact and robust.

- Digital temperature display.

- Cold touch, thermal insulation.

Easy to use; power button and temperature controller.

Out of the cabin installation.

Lightweight and small; easy to locate.

Right temperature in the spray gun almost immediately.

It includes a Heated hose to get the maximum energy-performance.