Sagola 475 XTech

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Precision solutions for tiny details and retouches
Very high quality of spray
Very light injected-aluminium body

Compact gravity spray gun, due to its small size it is ideal for feathering, small retouches, patches and/or repainting small parts.

Comes with a 125 cc. high quality deposit with paint filter.

Large variety of nozzle & needle and solutions.

Special aircap R5: to obtain the maximum precision at the tiniest feathering. Definition and regulation. Similar to an airbrush. Nozzles of 0.5 mm.

05 Aircap: highest quality atomisation for feathering and retouch. Nozzles & needle 0.5 and 0.8 mm.

10 Aircap: fast and versatile. Metallics and clearcoats. Nozzles & needle 1.0 mm.