Original price was: £1,400.00.Current price is: £995.00.


1. Two Sagola Mini Xtremes complete with 1.00mm Fluid Nozzle set ups:
One for Basecoat
One for Clearcoat

2. Spare 1.2mm Needle/Nozzle kit .

3. Mini Tech Air Cap.

4. 125ml & 200ml Paint Cups suitable for any size smart repair.

5. Two premium RC1 Regulator Gauges.

6. Two Sagola DPC Disposable Cup System Adaptors.

7. Two Steel Connectors.

8. Spray Gun Lubricant Grease.

9. Colour Coded “O” Rings.

10. Spray Gun Tool & Cleaning Brush.

11. Solid Protective Case.

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